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Welcome to Lake Worth Tree Service

Lake Worth's Premier Tree Service Specialists 

Welcome to the website of Lake Worth Tree Service! The services provided by Lake Worth Tree Service are second-to-none. When you need tree services done right the first time, or want to remove that tree that's messing up your yard, our Lake Worth Tree Service is here for you without exception.

We take pride in our work, and we love the chance to show new customers what we can do. Your referral is our best accolade. Contact us today for a free quote!

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tree removal

Tree Removal

We can remove any sized tree in any location

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Tree trunk fallen across road

Tree relocation

Tree Relocation

Aesthetic or functional transplantation

garden bonsai tree trimming

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Annual or regular tree maintenance

Tree stump

Tree Stump Removal

Grinding and disposal of old, stumps

roof & gutter cleaning

Other Services

Roof cleaning/cleaning and more. Contact us!

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Lake Worth Tree Service removed three large spruce trees from our garden recently and worked efficiently, and they were friendly and well priced.

Dave T.



LWTS did a great job pruning 30+ trees for us and removing some old, nuisance stumps. We would definitely recommend them for commercial tree care.

Chris D.



My husband and I recently bought an old bungalow in Lake Worth and these guys came out to remove a couple of old trees. Love the result.

Ana B.


Expert Tree Removal & Tree Trimming

Your Lake Worth Tree Service pro will not only work hard to make sure every detail of your tree care needs are met but will also complete the job with a level of expertise and professionalism that is unrivaled in the local area. You can rest easy knowing you have the best tree removal and tree care Lake Worth has to offer on your side when it comes time for your next project or emergency tree care situation.

​Every single one of our employees is committed to satisfaction and we understand how important tree service in Lake Worth, FL, is to you and your family. No tree is too large or challenging for our years of expertise and we work very hard so that ever tree removal or tree care job is completed with the highest level of excellence possible

tree pruning & trimming

Reliable Stump Removal Service

When you need tree services and stump removal done right the first time, your best bet is to call Lake Worth Tree Service.

When working with trees, it's crucial that you have a company that knows how to handle any situation and can get the job done right the first time around.

We're dedicated to bringing you high-quality service at affordable prices and can complete your residential tree service needs without any trouble whatsoever.

Our stump removal team is top-notch and highly qualified to grind out and dispose of even the toughest tree stumps. Contact us today for more information on our stump removal efforts or to request a free quote.

Our Commitment To Our Tree Service Customers

You need tree service in Lake Worth and you want it done right the first time. When it comes to tree services in Lake Worth, FL, our service professionals are ready to get started without delay. Our company offers some of the most reliable tree care on earth. We're dedicated to bringing you high-quality tree removal tree trimming and tree care that won't cost an arm and a leg; our affordable prices enable you to take care of those chores before they become a problem, and at a cost you can afford. Visit our Services page to see all that we have to offer.

Tree Damage in Lake Worth FL

Hurricanes and other climate-related natural disasters threaten tree health in Lake Worth, Florida and can cause tree damage to homes and businesses alike.


Tree removal services help homeowners protect their property from further tree damage after a storm has passed through their area.

Homeowners should check with tree service companies such as Lake Worth Tree Service to find out if the type of tree they have is likely to fall when exposed to strong wind speeds when choosing which trees to plant around their homes.

Once hurricanes pass through an area they create tree damage that can affect both property values and the safety of people living nearby, and can even drive down home prices by up to 30%.

Trees provide shade for homes but also draw moisture from underground, making them more susceptible to uprooting during hurricanes.

hazardous tree removal

Tree Issue Remediation in Lake Worth

Lake Worth Tree Services protects property owners from future problems that could arise from a tree that was damaged in a hurricane or other natural disaster such as a strong thunderstorm with high winds.

Some of the issues we address in terms of tree care include:

  1. Tree removal

  2. Tree trimming

  3. Tree root damage

  4. Which trees are likely to fall when exposed to strong wind speeds

  5. Which trees may be at risk of falling during weather events due to ground-drawn moisture

  6. Tree damage to groundwater

  7. Safety of people and property

Emergency Tree Care in Lake Worth

In terms of the cost of emergency tree care, homeowners' insurance policies often cover tree removal, trimming, or root damage remediation before and/or after a storm. Lake Worth Tree Service is happy to provide a free estimate of the cost to remove a tree on your property, or otherwise to provide trimming or pruning services. Our prices depend on the type of tree, how close it is to buildings or other structures such as power lines, and the amount of work involved in removing and/or servicing it.

For example, pine trees are often expensive to remove because they grow back quickly and their roots must be dug up carefully so as not to damage any underground pipes that may lie beneath them.

Palm trees require less labor but more equipment – our tree care experts will need a bucket truck with a boom rather than just climbing gear – and cost more due to this difference in equipment usage and necessary licensing.

In terms of whether tree care is worth the investment in tree damage remediation


costs, consider how much tree removal could cost you if the tree falls on your house. Also consider how tree service companies such as Lake Worth Tree Service can help keep trees healthy by pruning branches away from power lines and buildings.

Finally, think about how tree care improves neighborhood safety when choosing whether or not to hire an arborist to treat tree issues around your home.

hazardous tree removal

Tree Damage Costs in Lake Worth FL

Trees provide shade with benefits that extend beyond helping cool homes during heat waves in Lake Worth and southeast Florida.

Unfortunately, hurricane winds weaken tree root systems and expose tree branches to more moisture than they are used to getting in their local climate.

This makes them vulnerable to uprooting during hurricanes or other natural disasters that bring heavy rains and high winds.

Homeowners should consider tree removal cost

s if they notice tree damage after a storm. How much tree removal services cost depends on the tree type and amount of work involved.

But tree care can actually lead to lower tree removal costs because an arborist can help prevent tree uprooting by reducing tree root damage or removing dead branches beforehand.

By keeping trees healthy before storms hit, property owners save money on tree removal as well as potentially avoid costly legal fees associated with litigation over what happened to a tree that fell onto someone's property or hurt them in some way, such as during a hurricane.

Free Tree Service Estimates

Lake Worth Tree Service is happy to provide free estimates for tree service and we can help you decide which tree removal services are the best tree care option for your specific needs. We can also give you tree planting suggestions so that you have a tree canopy over your home that offers shade during hot weather, provides birds with tree houses to nest in and helps prevent soil erosion.

A great deal of tree damage occurs when high winds cause tree branches to snap off or fall onto homes or people's property. This is because high winds rip away at tree bark due to being exposed to more moisture than their root system can handle, hastening the process of rot working its way up from roots into limbs.

If possible after a storm passes through Lake Worth, inspect trees on your property and look for any signs of beetle infestation such as oozing sap or tree leaves that are discolored instead of green. If tree damage has occurred, removing tree branches or tree bark with tree climbing equipment is the safest way to reduce the risk of injury while tree service is being done because it allows arborists to work at least 20 feet off the ground without using dangerous ladders.

​Hire the professionals at Lake Worth Tree Service if you have just experienced natural disasters that have caused tree damage on your property and need help keeping your trees healthy in the future, as well as ensuring they don't put anyone's life or property at risk during hurricanes or other serious weather events.

Our tree care experts can do everything from fertilizing trees and planting new ones to repairing root systems and cutting down damaged trees as needed to ensure your tree canopy is as healthy and safe as possible for everyone's safety.

To get tree care estimates or tree service quotes, contact us at Lake Worth Tree Service today by visiting our contact page or calling (561) 931-6822.

We work with clients in Palm Beach County and surrounding communities such as Boca Raton, Wellington, Royal Palm Beach and Boynton Beach. 

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