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Tree Stump Removal

tree and stump removal

Professional Tree Stump Removal

An old tree stump is the remains of a tree that has been cut down. It might be an eyesore and it can also attract pests, making it difficult to grow many plants in the surrounding area. There are several ways to remove tree stumps. You can hire a company to come and grind it and dispose on-site through wood chipping, or you could use chemical treatment to remove the tree stump yourself.

Another option is to have tree stumps recycled so they can be reused as planters, furniture or garden decoration. Stump recycling machines are available for hire and often come with a variety of accessories that help you to recycle tree stumps into something useful or beautiful.

Grinding a tree stump from the ground up turns it into mulch that can be used for planting new trees or in pathways. 

Tree stump removal involves digging around the roots of a tree and then grinding it with machinery to remove the stump.

The wood chips produced by this process are then disposed of at recycling plants, turned into compost or used to create mulch, a material used for decorative purposes or to retain soil moisture and control weeds.

​​Lake Worth Tree Service provides grinding services for transforming tree stumps into mulch that can be reused immediately or turned into compost at a recycling plant. In order to determine if grinding is necessary, the type of tree stump must first be determined since the method can vary depending on the kind of tree stump being removed from a yard or park space. Once the kind of tree stump being removed has been identified, Lake Worth Tree Service will take the proper steps towards grinding and disposing of it in a way that keeps the surrounding environment safe for plants and animals. 

Once tree stumps are removed, they are brought to recycling plants to be turned into wood chips which can then be used for a number of different purposes, such as mulch for new tree planting or in pathways, as compost for landscaping projects that involve digging new holes, making raised beds, etc.

​Lake Worth Tree Service grinds tree stumps with a tree stump cutter attached to the back of our truck. The tree stump cups collect the wood chippings so they can be reused immediately or sold to recycling plants for mulching. Mulch is a material used for decorative purposes, keeping tree pits filled with nutrients or to retain soil moisture.

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