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Lake Worth Tree Service's tree relocation service is a tree care service that involves taking a tree from one location and transplanting it to a new one. This process is used in situations where one or more trees have been planted in the wrong place, when a tree needs to be moved for construction purposes, or at the request of a home or business owner (among others).

Tree relocation should be done by professionals who have experience transplanting trees since there are a great many dangers involved with tree relocation. It can take several years for a tree's growth to return to normal after being relocated.

Our tree relocation service offers benefits such as reducing wind damage and soil erosion, while protecting landscape continuity by keeping mature trees in their original location.

Tree relocation also reduces the cost of long-term maintenance; most residents find this option more affordable than continually treating hazardous trees on site.

Lake Worth Tree Service has tree relocation specialists throughout southeast Florida, but transplantation may not be an option in all areas due to certain tree species, conditions or tree size. Please contact us for further information about our tree relocation services.

The many benefits of tree relocation make it a very common process. These include:

  • Site integrity: visitors and users of sites become familiarized with them and having recognizable trees provides comfort and connection

  • Historical significance: many trees have stood for hundreds of years; moving one to a new location brings high historical value

  • Property values: transplanting large trees to a property can have a positive impact on that property's value 

  • Good for the environment: large trees produce oxygen, habitats for local wildlife, and have a cooling effect on the atmosphere which reduces energy use

  • Aesthetics: one of the main reasons a tree is transplanted is for the aesthetic value it brings to the target location


If you are interested in moving your own trees or would like more information on Lake Worth Tree Service's tree relocation services, please contact us!

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