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Need to get rid of that unsightly tree?

There are a number of reasons why somebody would choose or need to remove a tree. Trees provide oxygen and prevent soil erosion, but they can also become unsightly snags that need pruning services to improve their appearance. However, for those that start to get out of hand, become a nuisance or pose a danger to people or property, for a variety of reasons such as the tree is rotting, pest infested or an eyesore, you may need to call a tree care service such as Lake Worth Tree Service to come out and take care of your problem for good. 

When pruning is not enough and you need to have that tree removed completely, call Lake Worth Tree Service at (561) 931-6822!

Imagine a large tree in the front yard of one of your neighbor's houses was beginning to pose safety concerns. As it has aged, it has slowly begun to lean toward the street and sidewalk, which means that it could potentially cause harm to passing pedestrians. In this case, tree removal is absolutely necessary because the potential danger outweighs its aesthetic value.

The idea that trees contribute to property values can be misleading; although having a tree-lined street is aesthetically pleasing, if one or more trees poses a danger then they should be removed in order to maintain safety standards. The local community must follow this rule when removing these types of hazards so as not to compromise the residents' safety. Furthermore, aesthetics are subjective; while this tree may have been beautiful in someone's eyes at one time, it is now a threat to public safety.

Lake Worth Tree Service can remove problem trees such as this using chipping machines and cranes, digging up the tree's roots from the ground. The affected area can later be replaced with grass and concrete where the tree used to stand. In cases of large tree removal, landscapers will typically replace or plant new trees once everything has been cleared away to prevent further damage that could be done over time due to root systems still being present in the soil.

Homeowners often ask themselves why they rarely see workers removing trees in the neighborhood. Although some trees pose an immediate danger, others are not as much of a safety risk, so enough space is left between walkways and traffic paths to ensure safety of people and property. Tree removal is expensive, but necessary. If you ever notice a tree that poses a potential safety risk, call Lake Worth Tree Service to maintain the safety of everyone around it.

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