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Does Your Tree Need a Trim?

Trimming and pruning trees is a common practice around the world. In order to keep them healthy, attractive, and safe from problems, many homeowners pay professionals to cut away dead branches, tighten up open spaces between branches, remove old fruit from the tree, etc. Tree trimming is certainly a cost that home and business owners prefer not to take on. However, it is an important process to avoid potential issues down the road.

This page gives pointers on how to properly trim and prune trees so as not to cause damage, but will NOT provide a tree-trimming routine to follow. This tree pruning guide is not a tree-care article; please contact Lake Worth Tree Service for your professional tree trimming and pruning needs.

Trees develop such a way that they are able to withstand storms, wind, snow, ice, and intense sunlight. However, sometimes your tree may have gaps in its branches that can cause problems if left unattended. It is also possible for tree limbs to be weighed down by fruit or other tree supplies that are essential for tree life but take up too much room on the tree.

For example, you cannot leave sprouting fruits on your tree throughout the winter because they will die - whereas removing it will make room for fresh spring leaves while also removing dead weight from the tree's structure. This prevents issues like branches breaking due to excess load.

Another problem that overgrown trees can have is a tree crown that becomes too thin to bear the tree's weight. This is why it is important to keep your tree in check and remove heavy branches, especially in older age.

Trees that are too tall tend to be very flexible and sway with the wind, which can cause more problems than you realize. For instance, when tree limbs sway into power lines or communication lines they can get damaged or even break off completely, causing serious damage. Keep your tree trimmed at certain heights so it does not interfere with anything else!

It may sound like trimming and pruning trees solves all of these problems, but there are actually some issues that occur due to tree trimming. Over-trimming during winter will actually cause tree damage and can even kill the tree in some cases. It is actually recommended by many tree care specialists to stop tree trimming and pruning during winter so that trees can fully recover from any potential harm done in fall or spring.

Branch pruning, when done correctly, can actually increase tree health! Pruning tree branches using tree-trimming methods actually removes dead weight from the tree's structure while also allowing for better air circulation around the tree. This helps prevent issues such as fungi, mold growth, infestation of insects, etc. Branches that are too close together tend to compete with each other for sunlight and water; you want your tree to be able to grow freely without having to worry about fighting its own branches for resources! Make sure that tree trimming is done properly to avoid tree damage.

Tree pruning, when done incorrectly, can actually cause serious damage to your tree. Please keep in mind that the goal of tree trimming and tree pruning is NOT to destroy your tree but rather strengthen it against potential problems while remaining aesthetically pleasing. You should never cut back so much of a tree's foliage that you cannot see through the tree - this defeats the purpose of creating an attractive landscape feature! Tree crown reduction/thinning should be avoided as well.

How to correctly trim and prune trees

Here are the basic steps taken by Lake Worth Tree Service's technicians during routine tree care or after storm damage has occurred. Get familiar with the tree-trimming essentials so you are prepared for tree trimming no matter what!

Trimming tree branches

It is important to always choose the proper tree trimming tools for your tree. If your tree has large, thick branches then you will want to use a pruner, while smaller trees can usually get by with just some good ol' shears. Make sure that you have very sharp blades on your tree-cutting equipment or else they will not be able to cut through even small tree limbs efficiently. Tree trimmers also often work more quickly than tree clippers since tree trimmers tend to 'saw' through limbs rather than clipping them cleanly like tree clippers do.

Tree pruning

It is important to note that tree pruning involves the removal of tree limbs or branches during spring/summer; trees are most susceptible to damage when their leaves are cut off in fall or winter. Tree trimmers should stop all trimming activities when temperatures begin dropping below freezing so that the tree can preserve its energy for growing new foliage during spring.

Make sure you have a sharp blade on your equipment so it will be able to slice through even small tree branches with ease. It helps to use a sawing motion instead of just clipping the branch in one place since this makes cutting branches easier, while chainsaws and shredders are best used on tree trunks and stumps.

What to avoid during tree trimming:

  • Never dig into the tree by removing more than half of its circumference. You can tell how much needs to be removed just by looking at where your tree's health is compromised.

  • Make sure that tree trimming does not happen near power lines, even if you have a larger tree. Trimming trees near power lines is very dangerous, but in some states it is required in order for companies to prevent serious injuries/fatalities caused due to electrical blackouts in the event that a tree branch falls onto live electrical wires.

  • Do not hit any utility poles or other structures when trimming off tree branches. If tree branches are likely to fall onto houses, then all trimming must be completed by a professional tree service company such as Lake Worth Tree Service. We can remove dead tree limbs and tree trunks while pruning your tree so that there is less of a chance of any damage occurring to the surrounding structures.

  • Avoid cutting off too much foliage at one time or you will prevent your tree from being able to photosynthesize, meaning it will no longer produce food for itself and its growth will slow down significantly.

  • Never try to cut off anything thicker than 3 inches in diameter with just your hands! Even the thickest tree branches should be cut using high-quality tree-trimming tools such as chain saws or reciprocating saws fitted with an 8 inch blade.

  • Never use tree trimming as a cover for tree removal, or tree stump grinding.

  • Avoid cutting tree branches that are touching your house directly since offcuts can damage the paint on the exterior of your home. If tree branches are likely to fall onto your roof then trimming must be completed by a 

  • professional tree service company

  • . They will happily remove large tree limbs from your roof if necessary!

What happens after tree pruning?

Once you have finished tree trimming and you have cleaned up all of the mess created during a good session of tree decluttering, it helps to fertilize the soil around your trees so that its nutrients are renewed and they will be more capable of fighting off disease and pests naturally. Keeping tree roots healthy is the best way to maintain tree health. 

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